model test bilingv engleza 2
test calități și defecte în engleză
test prezentul continuu englezesc
Prezentul continuu in engleza

model test bilingv engleza

engleza pe paine
1. They said that they … early the next morning.
a) should live
b) would leave
c) had left
2. … you hang up the clothes, they’ll get creased.
a) Providing
b) Unless
c) If
3. Alice … to take her umbrella, so she got wet.
a) have forgotten
b) were forgetting
c) forgot
4. Do they know … Mr. Lloyd?
a) a
b) the
c) an
5. I prefer reading newspapers … the news on TV.
a) to watching
b) than watch
c) rather watching
6. We sometimes … the train to the city centre.
a) are taking
b) take
c) have taken
7. It … have been Ted you saw in Paris. He’s in China.
a) mustn’t
b) couldn’t
c) should
8. He said he … meet me at the station and told me to take a taxi.
a) shall
b) couldn’t
c) should
9. Do you need any help?
No, thank you. Peter … me with the project.
a) helps
b) is helping me
c) gives help to me
10. The other applicant is … experienced than Jane.
a) much
b) least
c) less
11. He’s the new manager, … ?
Yes, that’s him.
a) is it
b) is he
c) isn’t he
12. The doctor advised her … to work.
a) not go
b) not going
c) not to go
13. This shop assistant is … polite than the previous one.
a) more
b) most
c) the most
14. … to be the cleverest person in our school.
a) It’s said
b) She’s said
c) They say
15. When was the last time you … at this restaurant?
a) have eaten
b) were eaten
c) ate
16. We’ll contact you as soon as … a decision.
a) we will make
b) we make
c) we made
17. You can borrow the car … you put in some petrol before you bring it back.
a) as long as
b) would
c) wouldn’t
18. He … everyone about this party.
a) told to
b) told
c) said
19. John’s flat is on the second floor … the chemist’s.
a) above
b) on
c) along

20. Do those people have … money to invest in the company?
a) many
b) much
c) a lot
21. The garage isn’t … to fit two cars inside.
a) so big
b) too big
c) big enough
22. He usually jogs to the gym … it’s quite near to his house.
a) since
b) although
c) had stolen
23. She apologized for … the mistake.
a) making
b) to make
c) made
24. I wish I … told John my secret. Now, everyone knows it.
a) hadn’t
b) wouldn’t
c) didn’t
25. The older he gets, … mature he becomes.
a) the most
b) more
c) the more
26. You’re home early.
Well, there … nobody at the lecture so I left.
a) was
b) wasn’t
c) were
27. The boy … bicycle was stolen lives next door.
a) who’s
b) whose
c) whom
28. They didn’t go on holiday this year.
Nor … we.
a) have
b) did
c) had
29. I’m younger than Betty, … ?
a) don’t
b) I am not
c) aren’t I
30. They … their guests a map to show them how to get to the party last week.
a) had given
b) gave
c) have given
31. Kate doesn’t want a cake. She’s … diet.
a) on
b) in
c) at
32. If they … , I won’t bother cooking.
a) aren’t coming
b) will come
c) came
33. The teacher asked the boy why … late for the lesson.
a) had he arrived
b) he did arrive
c) he had arrived
34. Watching TV is often considered a waste of time. … TV is a great company for those who live alone.
a) On the other hand
b) While
c) As well
35. Can I go out tonight?
You … ask Dad.
a) need
b) should
c) ought
36. What was that noise?
Oh, I … some boxes in the attic.
a) was moving
b) am moving
c) did move
37. I watched the children … in the park.
a) to play
b) played
c) playing
38. … you manage to finish all your work last night.
a) Had
b) Have
c) Did
39. If I … you were coming. I would have cooked a nice meal.
a) had known
b) have known
c) would know
40. We couldn’t sleep because the neighbour’s dog was … all night!
a) roaring
b) barking
c) bleating
41. I forgot … the window before I came to work this morning.
a) to close
b) closing
c) to closing
42. By the time they closed the shop, they … all the sandwiches.
a) would have sold
b) had sold
c) had been sold
43. Be careful! You’ll … the house on fire.
a) set
b) put
c) take
44. How long ago did she … work for the company?
a) used to
b) use
c) use to
45. If we … now, we’ll catch the last bus.
a) leave
b) left
c) had left
46. The scientist … out a very dangerous experiment.
a) took
b) made
c) carried
47. Would you mind … a few questions?
a) to answer
b) for answering
c) answering
48. How’s George?
I don’t know I haven’t seen him … .
a) since 5 years
b) for 5 years
c) years ago
49. If you don’t know what the word means, you can look it … in the dictionary.
a) for
b) after
c) up
50. She … a seminar on Monday so she can’t be here.
a) is attending
b) attends
c) has attended
51. When you … an onion, your eyes water.
a) could peel
b) had peeled
c) peel
52. He wishes he … so he could be a basketball player.
a) would be taller
b) were taller
c) is taller
53. The new road … by next June according to the mayor.
a) is being built
b) will have been built
c) will built
54. Although it was light outside, it was still … early to get up.
a) so
b) too
c) enough
55. Jim does the cooking in the house. Anita only cooks … fun.
a) of
b) in
c) for
56. Jack needed … information so he decided to use the Internet.
a) an
b) any
c) some
57. I don’t know if Carol … to sell the house.
a) will agree
b) agrees
c) should agree
58. Can you see that building … the distance?
a) on
b) in
c) at
59. She … a very good job and earns a lot of money.
a) has got
b) is having
c) has had
60. Did you paint the living-room yourself?
No, … by a painter.
a) I had done
b) it had done
c) I had it done

Îți vine greu să stai cu ochii în ecran ca să faci testul? Nu-i bai! Linkul de mai jos îți permite să printezi testul și să îl faci pe hârtie.

model test bilingv engleza

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