Bilingv engleza proba orala 1
bilingv engleza proba orala varianta 2
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Bilingv engleza proba orala 1

Bilet nr. 1

Read the text below and answer the questions that follow:
Mrs. Spears, an office cleaner from Chicago, arrived at work one cold, winter morning. The temperature was very low and it was beginning to snow. Hurrying to go inside and get warm, she was surprised to see something large and still outside the office door. She looked closer and was shocked to discover it was a cat frozen to the ground. “It gave me a real fright!” Mrs. Spears realized the cat was alive but unable to move so she wrapped him up in her coat. When the office workers came later, they too put their coats around the cat. Eventually he started to move and opened his eyes. They took him inside the office, put him near a heater, and gave him some warm milk to drink. Now he lives in the office and has a new name, “Lucky”.

1. What is the text about?
2. What was the cat doing when Mrs. Spears arrived at work?
3. Why is the cat’s name Lucky?
4. Do you think pets are toys?
Give arguments to support your opinion

Bilingv engleza proba orala 1


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